Tenbury Wells Music Festival Date: 15th June 2019

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  1. Tenbury Music Festival 2019 (the Event) is being organised by Tenbury Music Festival C.I.C.. Your contract is solely with Tenbury Music Festival C.I.C. and tickets may be acquired via our website or at entry on the day (if available), or from Tenbury Tourist Information Office. No one else is authorised to sell tickets.
  2. You are buying tickets for the Event and not a particular artist or attraction – while we endeavour to adhere to the original performers these may be subject to change, even at the last minute. We hope that all the artists and attractions that we publicise will perform but we cannot guarantee this nor refund any tickets in such circumstances.
  3. In addition to the price of the ticket to the Event you may have to pay a booking fee and there may be additional fees if you pay by credit or debit card.
  4. Children under 13 have free entry and are welcome at the Event but must be accompanied by an adult. Children over 13 and under 16 have free entry and may be unaccompanied but must bring age ID to ensure entry or they may otherwise be ether refused entry or required to pay for a Young Adult Ticket. Reduced price Young Adult Tickets are available for those over 16 and under 18 on the day of the Event but they need to bring age ID with them that confirms entitlement to the ticket otherwsie they may be required to pay the difference between their Young Adult Ticket and the adult ticket price. Young adults must wear a yellow wristband and agree to the T&C which indicates to the wearer and bar staff that the yellow wristband means no alcohol to be served to the wearer.
  5. Your ticket(s) will allow you to gain entry on foot to the Event. Your ticket will not permit you to park in any area of the event. If you do intend to bring a vehicle to the Event you can park in the nearby Swimming Pool car park or in the overflow car park next to the Camping Ground.
  6. Tickets are not refundable except in the case where, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel the Event. If we do have to cancel the Event then our liability to you will be limited to the face value of your ticket. Booking and credit/debit card charges are not refundable under any circumstances. Refunds will be paid only up to two months after the date of the Event.
  7. We reserve the right to change the date of the Event if due to circumstances beyond our control. If we have to do this then we will tell you about it as soon as possible.
  8. In buying a ticket you confirm that you have read and understood our rules and regulations and agree to observe them throughout your stay at the Event. Breaching any of our rules and regulations then you may be ejected from the Event with no refund. Our rules and regulations are posted on our website at www.tenburymusicfestival.co.uk and are subject to amendment. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder. If we refuse admission and you have not breached these terms and conditions or any of our rules and regulations then we will provide you with a refund.
  9. No dogs (except assistance dogs) are allowed on site.
  10. Please note that Camping is from 3pm Friday to midday Sunday inclusive – please follow the signs for the Camping Area.
  11. Tenbury Music Festival is an outdoor, all weather event. We provide large marquee(s) for shelter in the event of heavy showers. We cannot provide ticket refunds in the event of bad weather over the Festival weekend.

Tenbury Music Festival 2019 Event Rules and Regulations

These Terms and conditions (T&Cs) should be read together with purchase of tickets or acquisition of any authorisation of entry.

All visitors to Tenbury Music Festival 2019 (the Event) (including traders, performers, guests and staff) should read these Rules and Regulations carefully – you must observe them during your stay at the Event.
  1. To gain access to the Event you must have the relevant valid documentation (tickets/passes or authorisations). If you arrive with a defaced or incomplete documentation, then we will not permit entry. If you are a trader, an employee of a trader, a performer, a volunteer or a member of staff then you will need to bring written confirmation of this or you may be denied entry.
  2. No dogs (except assistance dogs) are allowed on site.
  3. No alcohol (adequate bars are available), no illegal substances or legal highs to be brought on site – doing so will lead to instant ejection.
  4. Drunken or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to instant ejection.
  5. Under 18’s are not permitted to purchase alcohol on site. It is illegal for an over 18 to purchase alcohol on the behalf of under 18s – doing so risks instant ejection.
  6. Camping and Camper vans may stay on the Friday and Saturday night of the Event. Water and toilets will be available but no electricity or washing facilities. All campers are asked to consider others sharing the site and to maintain respectable levels of behaviour. Open fires are not permitted.
  7. On entry you will be issued with a wristband – this is your proof that you have been permitted entry. The wristband remains the property of Tenbury Music Festival C.I.C. until the end of the Event. If the wristband has been tampered with or you are found to be not wearing a wristband then you will be removed from the site. Your wristband is your responsibility.
  8. For safety and security reasons we employ professional security staff and it is a condition of entry that you agree to be searched when you enter the site.
  9. As a condition of entry you consent to being photographed or filmed as part of the audience for marketing or publicity purposes.  
  10. We do not permit any unauthorised trading on site – all trading must have our prior written consent.
  11. Please use the litter bins and recycling points provided.
  12. Have fun but please act responsibly – consider your own safety and that of other guests.
  13. You must observe any reasonable instructions given to you by our volunteers or security staff.
  14. Attending any festival carries risks.  Admission to the Event is at your own risk. If you are looking after children under the age of 13 then you assume responsibility for their safety and wellbeing. Neither we, nor the Premises Licence Holder, will be liable for any theft, loss, or damage to property (including motor vehicles) unless such theft, loss, or damage to property has been caused by our negligence – liability for theft, loss, or damage to property caused by your own negligence or by the acts or omissions of traders, patrons, or any other third parties is excluded. Neither we, nor the Premises License Holder, will be liable for any personal injury unless your injury has been caused by our negligence – liability for personal injury caused by your own negligence or by the acts or omissions of traders, patrons, or any other third parties is excluded.
  15. Those with special access requirements must appraise themselves of our access and disabilities policies and rules and follow those requests.
  16. These rules and regulations may be subject to change.

        TMF T&C 25.2.19
Tenbury Music Festival C.I.C. Registration No. 10957830  |  Registered Office 1 Jeffs Cottages, Oldwood Common, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8TB